EasyHike - For a unique experience

The joy of looking far
The sound of the waves and rustling leaves
The chill of the wind and the heat of the sun
The rich taste of new wines and local food

The refreshing scent of the sea salt and calming fragrance of pine

– The Founders

Why EasyHike?

EasyHike will eliminate distractions, allowing you to rediscover your senses.
We do this by making sure that you will feel safe, provide round the clock medical and emergency assistance and we take the weight off your shoulders. 

What are the benefits of the service?

  • Locator device on loan that will alert us if you need any emergency assistance.

  • 24/7 medical and emergency support;

  • Optional backpack transport.

How can I buy the EasyHike services?

  • Buy Online, ahead of time, and we will make sure that your tracker kit is available at your 1st hotel or albergue/hostel, upon your arrival.

  • You can also pick up the device from various Correos postal offices in Spain or from select locations in Portugal including Porto airport.

What areas are covered?

We are covering all the camino routes from Portugal, Spain and France.