Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Locator device FAQ

– What is the locator device used for?

The EasyHike locator, that we provide you on loan, has three important functions:

  • In case of an emergency, you can press the SOS button so that we can know where you are, call you and send the appropriate help.

  • The EasyHike service also includes an online medical assistance via an app where you can video talk with a doctor that speaks your language, 24/7.

  • The device will also notify us in case of a strong fall and we will try to call you to make sure that you are ok.

– How long does the battery last and do I have to charge it?

The battery should last 2-3 days depending on usage. We will provide you with a charger to charge overnight every few days. We are able to monitor your battery level remotely and we will notify you in case it’s getting low.

– How to I return it back to EasyHike?

We will provide you with a small pre-paid envelope so that you can drop the device and charger in the nearest Correos office, before you leave your last destination

– Do I have to switch the locator device on or off?

Not at all. The device is always active and on standby.

– Is it waterproof and what is the best way to carry it?

The device is rugged and, splash proof.  If it is raining, please do your best to keep it dry.

Medical FAQ

– Who is your medical provider?

We teamed with private medical institutions Portugal and Spain.

– How does it work? How can I contact a doctor?

  • Download the app that we will provide in the activation package.

  • Choose a doctor.

  • Use the coupon code that we provide for free.

  • Call the doctor from the app

  • The beauty of a video call is that it will give you an instant connection with a doctor and is recommended for most cases.

– What is a video appointment?

When using our medical communications app, you will have a video consultation with an experienced trusted doctor.

If you are feeling flu symptoms – fever, cold, body aches. Just call a doctor via video and, the doctor will be able to send you advice and a prescription by message.

If you are a chronic patient, the doctor will be able to prescribe the required medication or refer you to a specialist. The prescription will come to you by message (SMS or email)

– When can a video appointment be an option?

  • Repeat prescription

  • Flu and colds

  • Upper respiratory infections

  • Allergies (sneezing, atopic skin) and rhinosinusitis (rhinitis and sinusitis)

  • Gastroenteritis

  • Heartburn

  • Urinary tract infections

  • Mycoses and Onychomycoses (mycoses of nails)

  • Musculoskeletal pain (including low back pain)

  • Traveller’s medicine

  • Depression and anxiety (psychiatry consultation)

  • Medication adjustments for chronic disease (diabetes and thyroid diseases) *

* If you have a chronic disease, its crucial that you have the latest tests/exams that can be shared with the doctor

– When not to use video appointment? For any of these, you must call immediately 112

  • Chest pain

  • Haemorrhages

  • Difficulty breathing (dyspnoea)

  • Severe, sudden onset pain (in minutes) in any part of the body

  • Burns

  • Seizures or epilepsy

  • Mental state change (strange behaviour, confusion, difficulty waking up despite being stimulated)

  • Head and spine injuries

  • Fractures or inability to use limbs

– In which situations does our medical provider advise against using video appointments?

These are situations for which you should use a hospital service, despite not being necessarily an emergency:

  • Recent surgery

  • HIV or AIDS

  • Known active tuberculosis

  • Fever after travelling outside Europe or North America

  • Acute onset or rapidly changing skin lesions

– What happens when a video appointment evolves to a face-to-face appointment?

If our medical provider is unable to solve your problem through their network of online doctors (video appointment and face-to-face consultation), this means that you have a potentially more serious condition that requires an investigation by ancillary diagnostic tests (blood, urine, x-ray, CAT or others).

In that case, our medical provider will guide you to the most appropriate medical care for that condition. In order to facilitate articulation with other health care services, the doctor will write a report of their clinical evaluation and their clinical orientation (examinations and treatments), which will facilitate and accelerate the resolution of the condition.

– Do I have to pay for a video call with a doctor ?

No, the service is prepaid in case you need a doctor. All you need to do is use the one of the two voucher codes that we will provide you.

– Can I use my voucher for a friend?

The voucher is linked to your name when you signed the agreement and cannot be used for anyone else. The voucher is not transferable.